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fitness photosEveryone agrees that it is very important to set goals and make new resolutions. Our society, as a whole, has become more aware of the importance of making health our top priority when setting goals. After all, without our health, it would not be easy to enjoy life fully.

All the experts agree that the only path towards a healthy body and lifestyle is proper nutrition and exercise. In an era where many claim to know the way to achieve these goals, it is of utmost performance to enlist the services of a professional personal trainer.

For the last 20+ years I have helped many clients to achieve what at one time they thought unachievable; healthy bodies, good cardiovascular health and slim figures.

I believe that I can help you to meet your fitness goals. Please accept my invitation to join the many clients and friends that are living a healthier lifestyle only because one day they believed that they could do it.

To start your journey towards a new you, please call 407-782-9171 for a 30-minute complimentary workout and evaluation. You are under no obligation, and once you experience my beautiful studio, I hope you’ll return and reach your personal goal of fitness.

Yatska Aldarondo
Fitness Trainer, MSS
Consultant In Nutrition

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