Cardio & Endurance Conditioning

Cardiovascular exercise and endurance conditioning require movement of the body produced by large muscle groups over a sustained period of time. The health benefits of this type of exercise done on a consistent basis include:

  • Increase in circulation
  • Improvement in overall heart health, including increase in stroke volume and cardiac output
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Decreased resting heart rate
  • Increased lung function
  • Improvement in blood lipid profile
  • Less prone to fatigue
  • Improvement in overall energy, stamina and endurance
  • Increase in muscular endurance
  • Increase in insulin sensitivity
  • Improvement in mood and sense of well being

Cardio workout on treadmillAt Ultimate Fitness by Yatska, your cardio and endurance workouts will be closely monitored for a safe environment to successfully manage your weight, attain your realistic fitness goals and maintain the optimal overall health and wellness that you desire.

The three stages of your cardiovascular workout will include a warm-up, workout and cool down, including some light stretching. Yatska will guide you through these steps monitoring your time, heart rate and comfort levels. She will give you insight as to an appropriate, customized program and heart rate training zone for your individual goals and current fitness level.

As you progress in your cardio and endurance workouts, you will see that by working out on a regular basis over time, you can do more total work with less effort. Yatska will be there to motivate you the entire way!

For information on how you can achieve a higher level of cardiovascular health and have more endurance, including BEMER therapy, please call 407-782-9171.

The Ultimate Fitness studio includes the following in their cardiovascular and endurance workouts:

  • treadmill
  • pilates machine
  • exercise balls
  • all-in-one machine
  • aerobic dance
  • resistance training
  • kick boxing
  • power yoga
  • weight training