Body Sculpting at Ultimate Fitness by Yatska

Resistance training is a form of body sculptingBody sculpting workouts are exercise programs that are designed to help tone the muscles in specific areas of the body. There are several different forms of exercise that can be a part of a body sculpting program, depending on the area of the body requiring the sculpting. Among the more common types of exercise that make up a typical body sculpting workout are dance moves, stretching exercises, and resistance training.

Also included in sculpting is a comprehensive, full body weight training program. This will increase the amount of lean mass in your body, which in turn will increase your metabolism, and as a result, allow you to burn more calories and more fat all of the time, even at rest. BEMER therapy can be added into your body sculpting routine as well.

Call 407-782-9171 and arrange an appointment with Yatska. She can provide the very best instruction in body sculpting at Ultimate Fitness to ensure a safe workout. As a qualified trainer, she will give you insight as to correct form for a given exercise as well as appropriate range of motion. Your workouts at Ultimate Fitness will cover all major muscle groups, or the body parts you want sculpted!

Yatska will motivate and guide you so that you can stay consistent with your program. You will be amazed at the results!